What is it that you think of when someone mentions “theater room”? Do you picture an elaborately themed room with no windows, a huge screen and rows of  large comfortable seating?  This has been what most magazines publish pictures of and it is still the purest form of creating the theater experience in your home. If this is what you picture then we can turn such a dream into reality, but what if you would like to use a more common space in your home to entertain in a similar way? The reality is that many people congregate around the kitchen and great room areas, and there is no reason, with current technology, you can’t turn such an area into a theater area. Admittedly, some compromises will be made without creating a room specifically for a single purpose, especially with the acoustics, but only you can answer the question of  what you will use more and where you would like to enjoy a movie.  No matter where you want to create your vision of a theater environment in your home contact us to discuss how we can accomplish it for you.