• New Construction:

If you are building a home then you have many, many hours spent making decisions about it. You probably wish the decisions that needed to be made were fewer, simpler. In the category of audio in your new home, there is almost an endless number of product manufacturers, therefore this process could be very difficult. But that is where we come in. If you are willing to give us at least a little time and answer a few questions about the way you will use your new home, then we can educate, guide and advise what the pros and cons are of the best solutions to fit your needs. We further simplify the process by only using products that offer reliability and quality. Products that won’t disappoint.

  • Existing Construction:

If you already live in a home that you wish had been wired for audio, your first inclination might be to assume you can’t have music where you want it. Fortunately, a few companies understand your dilemma and have already come up with solutions. Sonos stands out as the first and most simple solution that has time-proven success with it’s own wireless network, eliminating the need for wires between rooms. On the other hand, maybe it isn’t distributed music throughout your house that you are after, but a specific room where you would like to listen to music reproduced as realistically as possible. Well, Studio SKY has partnered with a handful of companies that can offer exactly what you want to hear, and whether it starts with a turntable or a digital music server, we can help. Whether you would like to see large monoblock amplifiers sitting impressively at the front of the room or the simple signal path of an integrated amplifier, we can help. And whether you would like to see larger than life floor standing speakers or a simple properly designed bookshelf speaker with a sub or two supporting it, we can help. We can even assist with a simple pair of quality headphones and a headphone amp to enjoy at your preferred volume without disturbing anyone else in the house. Give us a call to make your listening dreams a reality.