Classic Album Sundays…What Are They?

Classic Album Sundays-

I continue to get this question as I share the event with more and more people and wanted to take a moment to explain what it is and where it came from.

First off, this was not my idea. While attending a trade show and the associated seminars at the Rocky Mountain Audiofest last year they mentioned this type of an event as a way to share music in a way that is often lost in our busy lifestyle. The events encourage people to take the time to sit down and truly listen to an album all the way through. Without distraction and with a sound system that allows you to hear the smaller details these are opportunities to better appreciate the musician and their art form.

It appears to have started in May of 2011 in London. Sharing a classic vinyl album in a public space on a great “Hi-Fi” sytsem typically worth more than most households will spend in there own home, temporarily set-up for the event. Allow time to mingle before the primary album is played, but kindly ask that everyone respects the music without distractions like loud talking and obnoxious ring-tones during the featured music (they are a bit more firm on this than I am locally). Recommended listening and reading is provided through social media and Colleen Murphy’s website. It has continued to grow and expand to similar events in other cities including New York and Japan.

Why Vinyl?

Very Important is the format the music is played back on, vinyl. Here is where people seem to show the most amount of excitement when I share this detail with them. I consistently hear comments about how they miss listening to their own record collection, most often collecting dust with no table to play it on or a collection long since given away or sold. Some will mention the scratchiness or “noise” they recall from the format. Whatever someone’s experience was, the reality is that good clean vinyl can exhibit traits closer to live music and provide a similar emotional experience. This isn’t to say people can’t enjoy CD’s, however many variables exist with listening to a digital system that effect what you hear. A far more unfortunate format for providing music in an engrossing way is an MP3 file. Again, not to say every downloaded file is worthless to listen to. However, one must seek out websites like HDTracks in order to find a music file similar or possibly even better than the CD version. Again, Vinyl=Good, MP3’s=Bad, CD’s=Good if the system it is played on does it justice (I can help with that).