Sjofn-Hifi’s (the clue)…

One of the highlights of being in the audio industry is getting to hear many products that produce amazing sound.  Have you ever put on a track of music and had it give you goosebumps?  Maybe you have heard this same track before, but this time the realistic way it is being reproduced is better than ever.  Possibly you heard a new detail within it or it just enveloped you again and reminded you why you liked it to begin with. Whatever the reason, it’s an enjoyable experience and it always puts a smile on my face to hear great sound.

Unfortunately, one of the disappointing things about this industry is that this same great experience is often accompanied by the reality of how difficult it is to enjoy that same sound in your home.  Often the quality of sound that you just experienced is directly connected to the cost of the system producing it.  Maybe the environment (placement of speakers or acoustic considerations) you listened in cannot easily be duplicated in your home.  Like any industry, a quality experience is not created by chance.  Significant time and expense is spent by companies to develop something that sounds better than the previous.  Cost of materials used is a balancing act for all but the most top-tier companies/products.  Never can quality speakers and components be haphazardly thrown together hoping they will reproduce the desired sound, even if a significant budget is spent.

At times, however a quality product comes along that is more easily attainable by the majority.  For whatever reason, a manufacturer has found a way to offer performance that belies the price asked.  Enter the Sjofn-Hifi speaker called (the clue).  This unimposing bookshelf sized speaker (they call them a “brace”), from an admittedly difficult to pronounce company, has been designed with a typical lifestyle and environment in mind.  Traditional loudspeaker placement guidelines recommended putting speakers a third the way into the room from the wall behind them, but no matter how pleasant or neutral a speaker may sound when placed in this position, it seldom is a realistic placement.  The Clue was designed not to minimize acoustic issues when placed against the wall but take full advantage of this placement.  So, do you think a modest sized speaker can’t create a spacious, enveloping sound with tremendous bass?  You must hear these speakers in your home.  This won’t be your typical experience hoping the product you just spent your hard earned money on performs like it did in a store with who knows how many differences to your own room.  Contact us and we can prove how Sjofn-Hifi has figured out how to create a product that performs far beyond it’s price. We thoroughly enjoy demonstrating amazing sound and, just maybe, giving you “goosebumps” again.